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Uta no Prince sama Repeat
Alvin xillia
Actually I completed this game a long while ago but didn't get to write anything about it.

Anyway the game was quite satisfying and I liked most of the routes (except for Cecil's). It was quite easy to get the different endings and the mini games were okay...? Till you played a few times and it feels repetitive xD The music quiz was interesting though, I played a bit of violin in my secondary school days so I could answer most of the questions.

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I don’t think UtaPri does rankings like the Otomate games, so my personal ranking (based on personality and their routes):
#1: Otoya
#2: Tokiya
#3: Sho – Ren – Masa – Natsuki
#7: Cecil

Haha, nice ranking isn’t it? Since the anime I have liked Otoya, well, actually his route is not as satisfying as Tokiya’s for me, but I still like Otoya’s personality the most. As for the rest, I didn’t like Ren too much, but his route was pretty surprising for me, out of my expectations. I like Sho, Masa and Natsuki equally.

#1: Otoya

The reason I like Otoya is simple. He is cheerful and lively, just the type I always like. I also like sporty types and older brother types, so Otoya does that *nod*

His route wasn’t too bad with him objecting to the ‘Love is forbidden’ rule. And there are lots of sweet moments. What I kinda disliked though (in general for the game and not just Otoya’s route) is that the text would show some really sweet moments like the one sharing a kiss, etc, but there’s no CG!!!! Boooo. Oh well xD

I can’t really remember anything because it’s been so long.


Moving on, #2: Tokiya

I actually think he’s really cool. Though I am not a big Mamo fan… so… But his route was good! Probably explains why he is the ‘main’ character of UtaPri.

Tokiya wasn’t so much a cold character as I thought he would be. A hard worker. My favourite ending was when he seduces Haruka, whispering into her ears xD Hehe.


#3: Masato, Natsuki, Ren, Sho (in no particular order)


In fact I did Masato’s route first. And he too, wasn’t as cold as I thought he would be! He’s actually very gentle and his sister is so cute~~

I was surprised he had a kissing scene cos he’s so pure :x (or rather looks so pure)



I actually liked there was Natsuki and Satsuki. Interesting concept, and the back story for Natsuki having an ‘another side’. I love Natsuki and Sho together xD So cute.

I so loved the fireworks CG! And also the one Satsuki pushed her down!! And the passionate kiss ending :P I think I liked this route cos of the things that Natsuki/Satsuki say, so saccharine.



Hm, you know, I think I have stereotyped the UtaPri guys wrongly. Seeing how I misjudged Tokiya and Masato’s personalities. It’s the same for Ren as well; I thought he did jump at any girl. But his attitude to Haruka at the start of the game, made me go like ‘OMG, he is like that?!??!!’

So it was kinda abrupt for me when he changed 180 degrees and went to Haruka’s side to practise.

And though I don’t really like Suwabe :x :x :x And actually I don’t like Suwabe characters, Ren’s ending was… sexy. As usual for Suwabe characters though xD I think only Kouichi (TMGS3) was different for me.



I thought I wouldn’t like Sho’s route because I usually hate shota characters. But I guess because Sho is kinda manly (or he tries to be), it’s actually pretty cute. And I can’t believe he is taller than Haruka xD

His twin is really cute too. And he eventually gets well from his sickness, so yay!


#7: Cecil

Even Toriumi can’t save Cecil’s route for me. I kinda just skipped this whole route. Didn’t know what was going on at all so no comments :x And he even had Normal, Happy, Love end like the others!!!

Okay, that’s all for me. I actually bought a few UtaPri books when I went to Japan in April. Maybe I will write on those when I feel like it xD


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