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Kotestu i&#39;m cool

Story ★★★★4
Mysterious, with a good plot. The setting is such that the MC has amnesia, which is a good concept because there are no lengthy introductions like most otome games. I also liked the speed the characters spoke, just right for me, and sounds more like daily conversation. The endings were also mostly satisfying.

Character ★★★★4
With the exception of Ukyo, I loved all the characters, which all have a great personalities, none overlapping. There's something interesting about all of them. I thought I would be bored with Ikki since playboy types are usually not my type, but surprisingly I enjoyed his route too.

Graphic ★★★★4
The graphics were all well done, and appropriate. I also liked the elaborate clothings.

System ★★★3
I mostly used a guide, so I don't use the quick save or anything much. But I find the affection gauge kinda hard to understand. I might not have gotten all the ending without the guide.

Music ★★★3
Quite a small range of music, sometimes silent, but it suits the game just fine.

Popularity rankings:
#1: Toma
#2: Ikki
#3: Shin
#4: Ukyou
#5: Kent

My ranking:
#1: Toma
#2: Shin
#3: Ikki - Kent
#5: Ukyou

Frankly I was so shocked with Toma, he gave me so much turmoil while playing his route, but the ending was omg. Shin's plot was mysterious. Ikki being so.. loyal was strange for me. And Kent's route is actually pretty lame, but points for Ishida Akira voicing him xD

I played Kent's route first. At first I was really wondering if he was really the MC's lover? Haha.

The scene where Kent says he cant control anymore and kisses the MC xDD And he misses, hehe.

I also love this dinner with family scene because it seems so normal xD The other characters seem to live alone. Though the family is kinda strange too :x

Anyway it turns out that Kent is afraid that MC remembers the 'cruel' words he said to her when her dog died... Hm, I found that kinda lame, but oh well :x

In the good end, he brings her over to study with him!! Yay! So romantic and I love the scenery here.

This is random selection. But Shin was pretty good as the main guy of the series. He is pretty straight forward with his love to MC and so there were lots of dokidoki scenes here, almost on par with Ikki. The route was really mysterious, I felt very into the story, and kept asking myself what has exactly happened?!

Random kisses by Shin.

I loved the dynamics between Shin and Toma. And felt sad for Toma actually :x

I know Toma was the most popular so I decided to play his route last. So next was Ikki. I expected Ikki to be a playboy, but in the end, he was actually quite a sweet person. Even his bad ends showed how much he cared for MC. In most routes, MC is killed off by Ukyou or some freak accident, but for Ikki's bad ends, it has something to do with Ikki's fangirls, so something different. More acceptable bad end :x

As expected from a playboy, his CGs/scenes really made my heart beat xD
And the things he says >////<

And at the end of his good end, he kisses MC in front of everyone XD Heh heh.

Toma's route did not disappoint. It was at first very sweet, and then frustrating, and then got me all puzzled and then made me forgive Toma. Frankly I had a bit of Wabisuke (Gekka Ryouran) deja vu. And Toma is also voiced by Hino Satoshi hahaa.

I especially love this scene above. MC trusts Toma no matter what. And believes that Toma will never do anything to hurt her.

I do encourage everyone to play this game. Another of those games that I actually finished at one shot. (Usually I play 2 games at the same time and alternate after I finish one route.)

Nowadays I post most of otome game scenes on my tumblr and then a short write up on LJ. So do follow me on tumblr too!~

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I've actually heard really good things about this game! Do you happen to know if there is an English version though?

Yup it is good ((: But nope, it's only currently available on PSP in Japanese. I think the only otome game in English now is Hakuouki.

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