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Storm Lover Kai!
Alvin xillia

I played Storm Lover long time ago, and continued with Storm Lover Kai! recently. I think the latter has added some new features and perhaps new events/dates such that there would be more things to do. I remember Storm Lover being more boring (and that's why I gave it up the last time).

Story ★★★3
Storm Lover lasts for a year (Apr to Mar) and the main story for the guys actually starts in Jan, so I wouldn't say there's much of a story. Even if there was, it comes a bit... sudden? But a redeeming point is that, there *are* some hints in the earlier parts of the game regarding the guys' main story.

Character ★★★★4
I absolutely enjoyed all the characters. Even with Rikka, who I initially did not like, but he grew on me. There is a well balanced range of guys, though I didn't like how Kyousuke and Sugai looked alike, and also Souya and Yuuto. Also Takeshi and Chihiro sensei didnt have routes! Luckily that is solved in Natsukoi.

Graphic ★★★★4
The CGs were well done, and quite a lot! I loved the group CGs.

Gameplay/System ★★★3
I didn't really have to use a guide, other than Takeshi and Chihiro sensei's sorta endings. Managed to get most of the CGs without the guide. There are a lot of save slots, so it may be a good idea to save frequently in case you miss anything. I typically save every 3 months. There is no auto save button, which in this game I feel is alright, because everything is supposed to feel natural, like the boy is really your boyfriend in real life, there is no saving in real life!

Music ★★★3
Music was generally enjoyable, but nothing special for me.

D3P doesn't usually have rankings, but here's my ranking!
#1: Kyousuke
#2: Yuuto - Takumi - Souya - Mio - Tsukasa - Rikka

From the start, lookwise, I knew Kyousuke would be my favourite. I am unable to choose who I like the most next, but maybe I liked Rikka's route the least, since he has a sad end.

I just love Kyousuke's tsundere character! His gentle parts are great and he's really good looking, and he can cook!

Kyousuke makes a bento for Yuna

Kyousuke gets into a fight with his sisters and stays over at Yuna's place. His hair down ♥

Kyousuke and Yuna were watching a movie and they see a intense kiss scene. She makes some excuse to go off and trips. Kyousuke catches her, and end up in this position. And Kyousuke says he can't control himself anymore... ...

The main story reaches 2 endings.

To save Yuna, Kyousuke misses his boxing exam. He tells Yuna the only reason he is doing this is because of her, and there would no point if she is gone. He tells her he can try again anytime and for now, they stay in St Louis. Sharing in a kiss in the library~

The other ending is when Kyousuke wins his first championship, but he says that he promised Yuna to be a champion of the world. Finally after a few years, he does, and he finally tells Yuna he loves her, and proposes!

Mio is a strange third year who is pretty my pace. There's lots of funny situations xD

Haha, the scene where Yuna sees him naked xDD

The main story is regarding Mio's passion for photography.

In this end, Mio gets invited to join a pro studio, but he doesn't do too well. Then he realises that he only wants to take photos of Yuna and he only does well when the viewfinder is on Yuna. And in the future, they take photos together and increase their memories!

Mio joins a competition, where his sorta rival, Oohashi, who tried to hit on Yuna joins. Oohashi wins like 2nd prize or something, and Mio is disappointed. Yuna sees his photo, which is of her smiling and Mio named it 'The person I love the most'. Mio is happy, and also thanks Yuna for being with him.

Rikka is the cheerful first year, I think his hair is really cute xD He is a amaibou, so adorable~ And he always plays tricks on others.

In Rikka's main story, we focus on his illness.

I played the sad end first and omg no T_T I almost cried on the train playing this.

The happy end where Rikka comes back from his overseas operation, healthy again. But with no contact for 1 year, omg T_T Also sad, but at least he lives.

Takumi is a エロイ repeat student xD Who is actually pretty smart and plays stocks.

Takumi's main story is about his time in the orphanage and his 'sister'.
I kinda forgot what happened, but both result in Mika (Takumi's 'sister) leaving, just whether she remembers if Takumi was with her in the orphanage or not. Either way, Takumi asks Yuna to stay with him.

Souya is the musical one, and the playboy. Actually I don't like his goatee and that mole at his collarbone area :x But his character is fun!

Souya's main story is about an accident in his first year when he was in the orchestra. He hurt his fellow orchestra member, and quit. Yuna makes him go apologise to the orchestra members.

In the first ending, Souya rejoins the orchestra as the conductor and they win the award. Souya is offered a scholarship to study overseas, which makes Yuna mostly upset. Before he leaves, he tells her that he probably can't do any boyfriend like things while he is overseas, but when he comes back, he asks her to marry him. But! Before his one year overseas is up, Souya comes back during Christmas and proposees to her under the same tree he promised to come with her the previous year (:

In the second ending, Souya says that he is focused on his band now, and he wants to show Keiichi (the member that he injured) that he has moved on. Unfortunately, the keyboard guy gets into an accident. In the end, Keiichi helps with the performance. Souya's band becomes really popular. One day, while on a date, Souya and Yuna get caught by the reporters and Souya proudly announces that Yuna is his lover and he loves her a lot!

Tsukasa is Yuna's maths teacher so it is kinda interesting to watch, and their dates tend to be in some faraway place. And omg Yasumoto's voice is so hot.

Btw his brother is hot too xD

Tsukasa's main story is about his family who excels in playing a traditional instrument called the shamisen. He gave up originally, but Yuna encourages him.

The first ending I didn't really get it, but Tsukasa ends up transferring to another school. But he comes back for Yuna one year later.

In this ending, Tsukasa beats his brother in the shamisen 'contest' and fast forward to this, and I think it hints that Yuna is pregnant (or not). Tsukasa says something like 'This body is not yours alone anymore.' which may mean she belongs to him, or can also mean, there's a baby inside you nowwww.

Yuuto the rich boy and also the student council president. So his dates are always different and in some high class place.

Anyway I really like him in his winter wear, the gloves and scarf.

Yuuto's main story is about him taking over his father's company, but he doesn't approve of Yuna.

In this ending, Yuuto decides to leave the Uzuki family to be with Yuna. Which makes me a bit D: But nevermind that xD

In the other ending, Yuuto and Yuna convince Yuuto's dad and Yuuto kinda interns at his dad's company with Yuna visiting. Hehe.

This isn't a game that I would highly recommend, but I enjoyed it enough to finish it so...

You also get to enjoy many couple scenes, that was kinda fun.

Like my previous post on Amnesia, now I post most of otome game scenes on my tumblr and then a short write up on LJ. So do follow me on tumblr too!~

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Hello :D
It's seems you had play SL Kai >w<
Did you manage to get 100% complete??
Would you mind to share the save data with me, please??

Hi! Sure, no problem! But... I only have 100% CG and 100% memory. I didn't do the bonus voices and all. Is that okay?

I upload it for you in the same few days!

It's really ok
Thanks so much for your kindness >w<
I'll be waiting for the link

Whether it is only the photos in the first part ?

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