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Arcana Famiglia
Pace kiss

Started with Arcana Famiglia quite a while ago, then stopped because my data got corrupted. Had to replay, but with the introduction of the anime and the fandisk, I decided to finish the main game quickly to avoid spoilers.

Story ★★★3
The game runs for 2 months. Though all the days are playable, it is not everyday that you get to have an event with the guy. The scenes aren't too bad, especially the love ones, where I get lots of feels, not just the doki doki kind, but the sad kind, happy kind. The flow of the story is a bit weak though.

Character ★★★★4
With the exception of Dante, I actually enjoyed all the characters' routes. Their personalities are all really fun (:

Graphic ★★★★4
Too little CGs IMO. Some of the CGs have strange proportions. But I really really like the manga art style, not just for the CGs, but for the daily conversations as well.

Gameplay/System ★★★3
Quite straightforward if you just choose the guy on the map. There are 3 endings, Ending 1 & 2: Win the duel, with more than or less than 600 affection points. Ending 3: Lose the duel, with more than 600 affection points. You can get the endings through a common route, but the hard part could be not getting enough affection points for Ending 1 & 3. One bad thing about this system is the daily save option which you cannot switch off. But I also liked how you can customise your buttons to your liking, meaning like you can choose which button to press for skip, etc.

Music ★★★3

No official ranking, but again, my own opinion!
#1: Luca, Pace, Debito
#4: Jolly, Nova, Liberta
#7: Dante

My favourite character would most probably be Pace because he is voiced by Sugitan, hehe. And I think he did a great job here! I didn't think about Gin-san at all, haha. Pace's route had some twists, but I think I enjoyed Luca and Debito's routes much more.

Jolly exceeded my expectations because he's supposed to be really cold. Nova did as well, and I just loved Liberta's character. Dante is okay, but his route was a tad boring.

Pace is a glutton! But he is also very mellow~

I love this last wedding photo :D

Debito is so hot! And voiced by Yocchin <3

Luca is Felicita's caretaker and cares a lot for her.
I found his route/love for Felicita really touching.

Jolly appears pretty cold, but he is trying his best as well to save Mondo. I really love his stigmata on his eye xD

Nova is the tsundere cousin. I really liked how he begins to open up to Felicita, and he is the only one who calls her Fel.

Liberta is very cheerful and bright! But he has a complex with his inability to use his Arcana. He is immature in love so it's cute to see him fumble hehe

Dante is your typical ossan, so for me it felt kinda weird?? But the ending where he marries Felicita was pretty cute. His love scenes weren't very interesting though...

I would only recommend because of the fresh art style and the stellar seiyuu cast. Story wise could be better, but because of the art style and seiyuu, the game was really enjoyable (:

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