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Wand of Fortune FD ~Mirai e no Prologue~
Alvin xillia
I enjoyed Wand of Fortune quite a lot, so I had high expectations for the FD, hm, but the system was kinda lame for me. After completing the routes for the new character Edgar, Cynthia's story and then the individual guys' stories will be available. Note here that I say story and not route, because there are totally no options, just scrolling. Now, doesn't that feel more like a book then a game?


So Julius is so caught up with looking at Lulu and accidentally kisses her!! Lulu is upset because she thought her first kiss would be more special. She starts avoiding Julius bla bla. And one day Julius can't stand Lulu avoiding him anymore and approaches her. So they talk it over and redo their kiss, lols.

I love Julius' seme face :D


Noel is one of my favourite characters! And he is still cute with his exagarrating comments and easily duped personality xDD Over in this FD he is shy about his relationship with Lulu and feels that they are still too young. Though Lulu doesn't really notice or mind, Noel is super affected! And he gets all troubled.

The scene below is when he tries the potion Alvaro gives him which turns him into a sweet talker xD


Bilal and Lulu are still raburabu but Lulu is getting embarassed by Bilal's advances (I love it though :P). Anyway Bilal has not been going for classes and stuff which makes Lulu worried. Turns out he was practising his skills??? Lulu tells him not to put all the burden to himself. They probably did it (again), and make up yay!


Ever since he was able to more or less control his transformation, Lagi has been able to speak naturally with others. Lulu gets jealous! And Lagi says she is an idiot for wanting to hug, Lulu runs away and avoids him! Thinking that Lagi doesn't like her anymore. After a few days, Lagi finally breaks into the girls' dorm and demands for Lulu! Haha, they kiss and then they kiss till they were out of breath because they didn't know when was the right time to stop :P So cute. I actually enjoyed Lagi's story this time.


Alvaro keeps blaming Lulu for casting the binding spell on him xD His dark hair side appears *swoons* Anyway, as usual Lulu is unsure about Alvaro is thinking, but she decides that she would not care and just do whatever she wants.


Est has been leaving the dorm at strange hours etc, seems like he is having some problems maintaining his life (I think). In the end he falls sick and Lulu takes care of him ! Est is not my fav character so I didn't enjoy this v v much, but his coldness *was* kinda cute.

After you have cleared the guy's story, you get to spend some time with him by choosing some options (comments and questions). This would increase or decrease the guy's affection for you, and when you get 9 hearts/sweatdrops, you get a scene and a CG! I thought the guys' reactions were pretty cute.

Anyway I gotta share this CG where Bilal gives Lulu a lovebite ♥ SO sexy, lovelove.

Okay, this is all from me. And as a bonus, there are also CGs (and comments) of the main guys when they were young! How cute xDDD :D I love Noel's. He is being bullied by his older brothers xD

In short, I wouldn't say I love the game, but the CGs were definitely as lovely as before (: Plot's a bit meh, but oh well!


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