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Brothers Conflict Passion Pink
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Frankly I am playing this because of the anime, I don't like being spoiled... I remember looking forward to it when it was about to release, but decided against playing it because I heard that the system was a little buggy. Well, the game turned out to be pretty enjoyable!

Story ★★★3
The game runs for a year and there are fixed events so the plot is pretty predictable. Some routes are also overlapping and can get quite repetitive. What I like however is the ‘staying ovenight’ event for each guy xD The love events are pretty nice too, but it depends on the character (your personal preference).

Character ★★★★4
There are 13 brothers in the Asahina family. For Passion Pink, 7 brothers’ routes are available. Though there are so many characters, the plot wasn’t too diluted.

Graphic ★★★★4
Each brother has about 15-20 CGs, including variations, so I would say, maybe 8-10 CGs per brother. I wished some events like the school cultural festival had CGs too, but overall I am satisfied. I suppose the CGs were mostly used for the love events.

I'm pleased that the other brothers also had some CGs (about 2) and there were also quite a few family CGs.

The chibi character scenes during the schedule are adorable as well. I love how the background is the setting, for instance, the brothers' rooms or the restaurant.

Gameplay/System ★★★3
Not that straightforward since you have balance between family love and the brother’s love (the affection level for other brothers affect the route too!). Very recommended to use a guide... Once you use a guide, the game becomes very very straightforward and you can skip repetitive parts and just focus on the brother you are going after. I used the guide at peche and everything went smoothly other than Fuuto and Kaname. For Fuuto, do follow the guide strictly. For Kaname, keep family love at 1/4.

You are able to see if you made the right choice as there are love indicators.

System is a bit buggy, but still bearable. When you click ‘select’ to repeat your schedule, sometimes there are empty spaces. The skip function doesn’t work at times. The skip event function as well.

Music ★★★★4
Cute. And each brother has their own theme.

No official ranking, but my favorite based on character and route.
#1: Subaru / Tsubaki
#3: Yusuke / Fuuto
#5: Masaomi / Kaname
#7: Hikaru

Overall, I enjoyed the game and the brothers’ interactions. The routes were all actually pretty good!

I am looking forward to play Brilliant Blue now. There are only 6 brothers for BB, so perhaps Juli might have a route?

I have no suggestions as to who to go for first, but some routes are slightly overlapping because when you raise the family stats, some brothers’ affection would increase as well. You might want to go for the brother you like most first (: Hikaru is only available at the 2nd gameplay.

Subaru – Masaomi
Yusuke – Fuuto
Kaname – Hikaru
Tsubaki (Subaru/Masaomi/Yusuke)

Sporty university dork. He blushes really easily and is so shy~
He is dedicated person and he is genuinely concerned about Ema, but can get quite 不器用 as he struggles to express this concern.
In the epilogue though, he kisses Ema on the forehead and Ema kinda teases him. He picks up the courage and kisses her on the lips kyaaa~

The most eroi of the triplets. Very playful and flirty.
He is a seiyuu so he always saying moe~ And his interactions involves lots of anime/game references, which was really fun!
I also enjoyed his teasing xD

The typical oniichan character. Doctor and the first son.
He is very good with children and very gentle! However I found his route too mild compared to the rest of the brothers..
Though, putting in his love message in the rabbit toy and then having Ema found out only 3 months late was pretty interesting.
The only brother who marries Ema at the end of his route. In the epilogue they even have a babyyyy :D I wonder how old Ema was then :x I mean the age gap is... 15 years?

Yankee, slight tsundere. 能天気 and makes Ema suffer. However in other routes, he suffers xD
From the start of the game, Yusuke already has feelings for Ema, but tries to hide the fact that they're step siblings in school.
All is fine, till Ema finds her heart aching time to time when Yusuke denies having any feelings for her.
But Yusuke finally mans up when Fuuto scolds him for making Ema suffer!

Teasing, ijiwaru younger brother. Idol. Voiced by Okamoto-sounding KENN.
He is also teasing Ema, but in a different way from Tsubaki, kind of... in a rude way. But Ema still gives in to him.
He actually wants to be an actor rather than an idol, and gets discouraged at one point. He confides in Ema.
In the ending, he decides to enter the same high school as Ema, saying it would be more interesting this way. He also tells her he will slowly become an adult (and not to treat him like a little brother!)

Eroi bouzu, but I don’t really know if he is one... or is he a host?! His danna sama is a lady...
At first he keeps hitting on Ema and even kisses her during the family trip, making Ema (and myself as well) confused about his true intentions. He always says he loves Ema...
Finally, he decides to be more serious, he cuts his hair, quits his job as a monk (host?!) and joins Miwa's company.
The epilogue shows a steamy (seemingly after-sex) scene heh heh.

Cross dressing brother who is actually quite manly. Writer. And deep voiced Okamoto!
I actually thought Hikaru was gonna be an okama character, but no! Turns out he only cross dresses because it's easier to get information for his books.
He's always saying suggestive things to see Ema's reaction for his new novel. What was interesting for me was that he would act out the personalities of the different brothers xD Eventually he finds himself falling for Ema.
On the other hand, Ema also finds herself falling for him, but she felt that Hikaru was only using her as reference. One day, it finally hurt her so much that she told Hikaru that she couldn't do it anymore.
Months later, Hikaru sends a story to the mansion, addressed to Ema, a love story about how a writer eventually fell in love with his book reference subject. He visits Ema and they make up. (And all the brothers read the story though they usually don't heh heh)

That was my play order! You realize I write more at the end. I can't really remember the first brother's story anymore :x

The game can move pretty fast, so I finished the game quite quickly. I enjoyed all the different personalities, and the game wasn’t too draggy. I loved the ending scenes and the epilogues. Recommended if you want to know more about the brothers, especially after watching the anime.

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Is there any chance to give(/link to) an English walkthrough?

Great review! Now, I can't wait even more to play it :D

Hi, I'm not too sure about an English walkthrough but you can use peche (as in my post) and try it out, it's in Japanese but should be straightforward enough (:

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