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Hanayaka Kinema: 2nd year mode Part 1
Hanayaka - Tadashi
Just gonna briefly jot down my thoughts on the brothers' routes (: Not a full writeup about what happens, since some great blogs already do that! Probably I will just pick a few CGs and go kya kya over them.

Part 1 will consist of Tadashi, Isami and Shigeru! SPOILERS ALERT!!! There are CGs under the cut.

Tadashi 2nd YearCollapse )

Isami 2nd YearCollapse )

Shigeru 2nd YearCollapse )

And that's all from me this time! Who knows when I'd write another. At this time of writing, I am already done with the game (: Moving on to TokiMemo Girls 3, Clock Zero, WOF FD and Aracana... Ah, so many things I wanna play. Kinda sad that I've finished Hanayaka FD. I really hope for a 2nd installment!!!

Chou no Doku, Hana no Kusari VIsual Fanbook: Le Sang Dit
Alvin xillia
Bought this quite a while ago! Decided to write about it! I always like to buy artbooks but I can't find nice sites that write about the contents etc. Hope this will be of help to people who are interested in getting the book~

Chou no Doku, Hana no Kusari is a R18 otome game, so proceed with caution!

Preview behind cut! Not worksafe!Collapse )

Pretty satisfying book. I haven't played the game myself, so I don't know if it's sufficient. But for me, the CGs were very well collected and I get a rough gist of what is going on. Also liked the character profile pages a lot. The drama cd excerpts and picture was great for me because I loved the drama cd a lot so it was great to see them illustrated. The short manga were sweet too.

If you've any questions regarding the visual fanbook do comment!
Amazon jp link

Hanayaka Kinema 2nd year mode
Alvin xillia

Hanayaka Kinema has 3 modes, the main mode is probably the 2nd year mode. The story continues from Haru’s 2nd year at the Miyanomori family, as a maid.

This post will be about some of the new features in the game, and also the prologue.

New featuresCollapse )

Prologue – So what happens in the 2nd year?Collapse )

So far I’ve done till Shigeru, and am playing Kisuke’s route now. Because I am getting lazy (and busy as well), I’ll probably just post some thoughts, but I would include a zip file with all CGs at the end.

Winter Anime 2011
Alvin xillia
The new season starts~ In Fall 2011, I enjoyed some pretty nice shows like Kimi to Boku, Haganai, Fate/Zero (like it so much better than FSN!), and continuations of NuraMago and Working!!~

Sugita's character in Danshi Koukousei no Nichijou

Watched a few new series lately...Collapse )

I am also planning to watch Brave10 and Inu x Boku SS!

Arcana Famiglia Visual Fanbook
Alvin xillia
Went to Kinokuniya on Thurs and saw the Arcana Famiglia Visual Fanbook. It was supposed to be out on the 21st or 24th Dec, so I was surprised to see it there, and bought it~ (:

More photos of fanbook behind cutCollapse )

Good: Satisfying amout of illustrations, and character information. Words are minimal.
Bad: No seiyuu interviews, and also I prefer CGs to be placed all together, instead of in seperate sections of the book. (But I think all the CGs are covered.)

Hanayaka Kinema: Tadashi After Story
Alvin xillia
I played Tadashi’s 後日談 first. According to the official website, it’s the sequel/after story of the PSN download content, but it still makes sense even without seeing that. The after stories are pretty short, about 20-25mins? No options, just plain text, and 2 CGs for each brother (: I think that’s quite a lot!!

Tadashi’s after story focuses on Haru not acting like the Head’s wife, and also about continuing the Miyanomori line :P

More behindCollapse )

Man, they must have a 2nd instalment. Since the game is just Hanayaka Wari, Waga Ichizoku, it means the heroine doesn’t have to be a maid!! As long as the story revolves around the Miyanomori family it’s fine :x *self denial* I wanna see Haru as a wife of the Miyanomori head for an entire game... And her interactions with Genichirou, and the mothers, and the brothers and servants.

New books~ And Working!! Ep 9!
Alvin xillia

Bought less stuff this month because I am jobless! xD

I haven't played Akazukin to Mayoi no Mori, but I like the art! So I bought it. I really like Ryoushi-san, but no one seems to like him. T_T Cos he looks too old I guess? Voiced by Konishi Katsyuki though~~

And Yokozawa Takafumi no Baai! The last time I tried to get it, it was out of stock. So whee! I haven't read my Yoshino Chiaki no Baai too, but oh well xD

This month, a friend is going to Japan, so I'll probably ask her to get stuff for me? Or hopefully I would be able to go next year...


Finally watched Working'!! Ep. 9. I've heard that it was a SatouxYachiyo episode. So I just watched FFFpeeps's version instead of m.3.3.w's... Since now I can understand most of the anime, subbing / translation quality doesn't matter much. As long as the font is good to look at.

My favourite's gotta be when Yachiyo grabs onto Satou~

Too cute ♥

Gekka Ryouran Romance: Kano brothers
Alvin xillia
I am just gonna make this really short with a few CGs, because I am too lazy and no one really reads these. But I wanna keep a post of my thoughts so I can read it again myself sometime later xD

*spoilers from here on..

Finished the Kano brothers' route recently. I liked Atsumori's character. How at first he was so ドS and mean and エロ but later became so sweet and mild and gentle. I didn't like the endings very much though, all seem too mild for me :x Not very satisfying. I wished they talked a bit more of Atsumori and his mother, and whether they made up in the end.

Aoi's routes were satisfying for me. Aoi's not the usual type of character I would like, so yeah. I liked his story, about him being born to be an organs provider for his brother. But what I liked most was how both his brother and him loved each other so much, and also how Atsumori tried to help Aoi. Though I gotta admit, close to the ending, instead of Aoi, I started to hear Otoya (UtaPri) :x

Aoi: Some CGs and ending thoughts behind.Collapse )

Atsumori: Some CGs and ending thoughts behind.Collapse )

Apologies for any mistakes xD
Probably am gonna write a short overall post for this game.

Okay, and I guess it's got longer than expected.

Hanayaka Kinema!!
Alvin xillia
Hanayaka Kinema will be released on 8th Dec 2011! I am really excited about it since I loved the first game ((:

Short description of the FandiskCollapse )

Haaaa. How exciting! I will definitely go for Tadashi first :x
Check out the official website!

I've a medical checkup tmr so I shall sleep ~

Gekka Ryouran Romance: Fuji Reito
Alvin xillia
Maybe I shouldn't write so much, since there're other proper otome game blogs with detailed/funny posts xD <3

藤 隷人
..... cv 平田 広明

First impression: Kotetsu ossan~~ I don't think I associate Hirata with anyone else. I like Fuji sensei's look. And in the other routes so far, he's nice.. But there must be something there!

Thought here!Collapse )

And there! I'm done with Atsumori's and just started Aoi's. I think I would just be writing really short thoughts, since like, I am lazy + there're many nice otome game blogs writing the full ones anyway ((:


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